Captain William Anon

Captain William Anon is a former member of Kaart's city guard who quit following the silence wars. He joins the party to guide them through the sewers.


Despite his age Captain Anon remains at the peak of physical form, yet despite this he has given up on fighting becoming an actual pacifist after the Silence Wars. He is still held in high regard by the Kaart city council.


Captain William Anon was born in the poor slums of Kaart, despite this he grew to a position of great power in the Kaart city guard and eventually became its captain. With this new responsibility he kept the streets clean of crime and increased the rights of those living in the slums.
Unfortunately during the Silence Wars Captain Anon and other members of the Royal Guard were forced to fight against the elves. Not only were some of Anon’s closest friends killed by the elves, but Anon committed a crime so atrocious it convinced him to give up fighting all together but he left the city guard and went back to live in the slums.
He was found by the Kaart City council and asked to guide a rag tag group of misfits through the sewers.

Captain William Anon

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