Tag: Party


  • Aures Darkbane

    Little is known of Aures' past save that prior to the campaign she came across the [[:the-black-lord | The Black Lord]]'s soldier [[:killa | Killa]] numerous times and in all occasions she escaped.

  • Rivean Minas-eyrn

    Rivean was born in Tal-Muriem soon after the Silence Wars ended as a result he knows a lot about the previous prosperity of the elves before the Silence Wars. He was a notorious prankster in the town of Tam-Muriem committing various pranks that were …

  • Nikolay Kurskovich

    Nikolay Kurskovich was one of the first foreigners to be made a Samurai under [[:hong-shu | Hong Shu]] and the Throne of Blood, he was a prized fighter and a protector of the city of Sorrowsgate. That was until [[:feng-the-usurper-len | Feng 'the usurper' …