Nikolay Kurskovich

A Ronin and one of the last Samurai Nikolay is out for revenge against Feng Leng 'the usurper' and to restore power to the Hong clan.


The Ronin known as Nikolay is the only Samurai not native to Sorrowsgate, yet despite this was strong enough to gain the recognition of Hong Shu and Feng Len whilst they were on the Throne of Blood.


Nikolay Kurskovich was one of the first foreigners to be made a Samurai under Hong Shu and the Throne of Blood, he was a prized fighter and a protector of the city of Sorrowsgate. That was until Feng ‘the usurper’ Len took the Throne of Blood from Hong Shu. Despite Feng Len offering Nikolay a major position of power he instead attempted to kill Feng Len, but was defeated and lost his left eye in the process. As a result Nikolay was forced to leave and became a Ronin.
While searching for the strength to defeat Feng Len and bring power back to the Hong family he chances upon the city of Kaart, where many an adventurer rests or searches for quests. The Kaart Council asked him to join their team to force the Goblins out of the Sewers.

Nikolay Kurskovich

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