Feng 'the usurper' Len

The Usurper of the Throne of Blood, almost every Samurai hates this man either for rebelling against Hong Shu or for going against the rest of his rebellion and killing Hong Shu.


Sorrowsgate lives in fear of this cruel tyrant who rules with iron fist. He kills all those who oppose his rule leading most to obey him out of fear.
Despite his relative inexperience he was able to kill Hong Shuin a suprise attack and defeat Nokolay Kusrskovich in battle.


When Hong Shu decided to remove the guards from the gate Sorrowsgate was named after, Feng Len managed to form a small rebellion to force Hong Shu out of power. Once Hing Shu was out of power he took control.
Despite promising to let Hong Shu live Len decided to kill Shu, after inviting him for dinner Feng Len stabbed Hing Shu through the neck. He followed this up by banishing all of Shu’s men he believed had little use in his kingdom.
He still rules Sorrowsgate.

Feng 'the usurper' Len

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